Overview of AVG India

AVG Electronics Private Limited operating from Bangalore is a wholly owned subsidiary of AVG Automation, USA and has recently introduced a new line of Automation and controls including PLCs, HMIs, Integrated PLC and HMI, Remote I/O, Industrial PCs, Industrial flat Monitors and Industrial Marquees that are specifically designed for India. The ambient temperature of the Indian sub-continent can easily reach 45C and the humidity in the cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Vishakapatnam etc ... can go upto 95%. As most of the automation and controls which are there in India have come from the western countries like Germany, Italy, france, US or Japan where the ambient temperature is 20C lower and are designed accordingly to operate at those temperatures, these products have major environmental problems in India.

AVG India is introducing Uticor Aiutomation (Division of AVG) Product line with its "Made for India" Tough Series to operate at 60 Deg C, 95% humidity, conformal coating as a standard feature on all of its product, White LEDs backlit for the displays and with a Metal constuction, extending a 4 year waranty on all of its product line. AVG India will be following an American oriented Customer Care policy, with local stock and local Technical / application support which would be available in 75 major industrial cities in India.

AVG is planning to be a major player in the Indian automation market. AVG India has already acquired 2 acres of land near Kengeri, Bangalore. AVG India in addition to its product sales, marketing and projects has plans to support manufacturing for AVG USA, world wide Technical and sales support and Research and Development of its product.

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Overview of AVG Corporate

AVG, an American Group of companies, is vertically integrated to design and manufacture state of the art electronic products, cost effectively, for the best Return On Investment for our customers.

Company Motto
“Tough, Most Innovative & Reasonably Priced, Automation Products, shipped with a service that will put a smile on your face!”

Significant Highlights
and Core Competencies...

  • Established in 1975, AVG has introduced more than 500 innovative new products.
  • Extensive hardware, firmware, & software design capability, in Illinois & Iowa.
  • Hold 20+ Patents & 15 New Pending
  • Has an installed base of over $1 Billion in fortune 500 companies such as Ford, GM, P&G, Abbot, Miller, & IBM.
  • PCB fabrication.
  • 3 EMS Plants for Complete Turn Key Assembly & Box Build.
  • Thick Film Hybrids.
  • One of the largest semi-conductor FABs.
  • Known for “Uticor Tough,” High Reliability, HALT-HASSed Products, designed to operate in harsh industrial environments.
  • In the fore-front of High Technology such as BGA and controlled impedance high density board products.

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