RMC Card

The Remote Monitoring and Control (RMC) Card allows the user to remotely monitor, control and program their devices. It also allows for data acquisition and storage.

The RMC card plugs into the extension connector of the EZ Touchpanels and comes with an Ethernet Port.

Note: On FS Panels, Ethernet is available via a protocol-specific adder card for either PC or PLC communications depending on application needs.

This serial connector is used for PLC communications and can be used for RS232, RS422 and RS485 communications. The serial connector used for programming
or RS232 communications.

Ethernet (SE/CE)

Ethernet port used for monitoring, programming, PC and PLC communications, It can also be used for internet access and email alerts.

USB Port (SE/CE)

USB port for Data Logging/ Storage capabilities.
On the SE panels, this port may also be used for programming.

Option Cards (CE/FS)

Panels ending in -CE or -FS possess an Option Card connector for additional connectivity (Data Highway Plus, Modbus Plus, Devicenet, Profibus, CC-Link.) Plug option cards into the 62-pin connector.

In addition, CE Panels allow for compact flash storage. Simply open back cover to insert it in the top right corner.

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