USB Port

EZ Automation panels
loaded with Windows 7
Embedded come equipped
with four (4) USB ports.
These 3 ports are configured
as standard Universal Serial
Bus (USB) Port A.

Note: The USB Port
beneath the Ethernet port
is configured as a Port B
device with a Port A
connector. This port can
only be used for
programming directly from
a PC.

Ethernet Port

Ethernet port used for monitoring, programming, PC and PLC communications, It can also be used for internet access and email alerts.

This serial connector is used for PLC
communications and can be used for RS232,
RS422 and RS485 communications.
The serial connector used for programming or RS232 communications.

Micro SD slot

A Micro SD slot is available for additional data storage on the EZ Windows HMI units.

Windows HMI
Back View

Optional Card Connector

An optional card connector is available for additional connectivity (DataHighwayPlus, Modbus Plus, Devicenet, Profibus, CC-Link).

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